Chiropractic Spine Adjustments: Experience Pain Relief With Chiropractic Spine Adjustments

Chiropractic spine adjustments are a safe and effective treatment option for various musculoskeletal conditions. By applying controlled force to the spine, chiropractors can correct misalignments, reduce pain, and improve overall spinal function. Regular adjustments may also enhance mobility and promote optimal nervous system functioning.

What Are Chiropractic Spine Adjustments?

Understanding the Technique

Chiropractic spinal adjustments, similar but different to spinal manipulations, are specialised techniques employed by chiropractors like Dr. Lynnette Orrell and her team at Hobsonville Chiropractic Centre. These hands-on procedures aim to enhance spinal function, alleviate pain, and restore the body’s natural alignment.

The spine, a central pillar of our body, plays a crucial role in our overall health and well-being. Over time, due to various factors like poor posture, injuries, or everyday wear and tear, our spinal alignment can get disrupted. This misalignment can lead to pain, reduced mobility, and other health issues.

At its core, a chiropractic adjustment involves the chiropractor using their hands or a specialised instrument to apply controlled force to a specific joint in the spine. This force helps realign the spine, improving the brains communication to the body, increasing function and reducing pain. The technique might vary, with some adjustments producing a gentle “popping” sound, while others might be more subtle.

At Hobsonville Chiropractic, the focus is always on the individual needs of the client. Dr. Lynnette Orrell, with her vast experience and expertise, ensures that each client receives care tailored to their unique requirements, whether it’s a manual or non-manual chiropractic adjustment.

Benefits of Chiropractic Spine Adjustments

Holistic Health Enhancement

Chiropractic spine adjustments provide a comprehensive approach to wellness, targeting the underlying causes of various health issues rather than merely addressing the symptoms. Here are some of the primary advantages:

  • Soothing Lower Back Pain: A prevalent reason for seeking chiropractic care is low-back discomfort. Adjustments may alleviate this pain by reinstating proper spinal alignment and functionality, diminishing inflammation, and fostering natural recuperation.
  • Alleviating Neck Discomfort: Neck discomfort, whether due to poor posture, an injury, or daily stress, can be incapacitating. Chiropractic adjustments can aid in muscle relaxation, enhance cervical spine mobility, and possibly lessen pain.
  • Mitigating Headaches and Migraines: Spinal misalignments, particularly in the upper cervical region, may trigger tension headaches and possibly migraines. Consistent adjustments may help decrease the occurrence and intensity of these headaches by ensuring proper spinal alignment and nervous function.
  • Addressing Sciatica: Sciatica, marked by leg pain, has many causes. Our assessment at our initial chiropractic appointment will pinpoint where this pain may be coming from, and chiropractic care can alleviate this pain by adjusting the spine.

At Hobsonville Chiropractic, the team comprehends the intricate connection between the spine and the nervous system. By maintaining optimal spinal functionality, they assist patients in achieving holistic well-being, free from pain and discomfort.

Why Choose Hobsonville Chiropractic?

Our Expertise

At Hobsonville Chiropractic, the commitment to excellence extends beyond treatments. Dr. Lynnette Orrell’s extensive experience, including her education at the renowned Sherman College of Chiropractic and her tenure as a faculty member, underscores her dedication to the field.

However, it’s not solely about accolades and experience. It’s about a genuine desire to aid people. Dr. Orrell, alongside her colleagues Tash and Emily, continually enhance their knowledge and skills to offer the most effective and current treatments.

Patient-Centric Approach

Recognising that each individual is unique, Hobsonville Chiropractic tailors its approach to meet specific health needs. From your initial visit, the focus is on understanding your unique concerns, health history, and objectives.

Regardless of your age or lifestyle, the care you receive is personalised. The team fosters a welcoming and supportive environment where clients feel valued and cared for.

Additionally, the clinic’s location in Hobsonville, Auckland, makes it conveniently accessible, ensuring that exceptional chiropractic care is readily available.

Safety and Comfort: Our Priorities

Ensuring Safe Procedures

When administered by skilled professionals, chiropractic care is a secure and effective treatment method. At Hobsonville Chiropractic, safety is a fundamental aspect of the care process. Dr. Lynnette Orrell and her team prioritise client safety by:

  • Comprehensive client Assessment: A detailed assessment is conducted before any treatment to understand the client’s health history, current issues, and specific needs. This ensures that the chiropractic care provided is both safe and beneficial.
  • Open Communication: The team maintains transparent communication with clients. Any concerns or questions are addressed, ensuring clients are well-informed and at ease before any treatment.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Post-adjustment care is as crucial as the treatment itself. The team monitors patients’ responses to adjustments, ensuring relief without adverse effects.

Aftercare and Support

Recovery and wellness are continuous journeys. Beyond initial treatment, the team offers guidance on aftercare, including exercises, posture corrections, and lifestyle modifications to enhance the benefits of chiropractic care. Patients are equipped with knowledge and tools to manage their health, ensuring long-term well-being.

What to Expect During Your Visit


Your path to improved health at Hobsonville Chiropractic starts with an in-depth consultation. During this phase:

  • Discussing Health History: Dr. Lynnette Orrell and her team will review your health history, previous injuries, current concerns, and overall wellness goals. This comprehensive understanding aids in creating a treatment plan tailored to your needs.
  • Physical Examination: A hands-on examination of your spine and affected areas will be conducted to assess mobility, alignment, and identify any areas of concern.

The Adjustment Process

Once the consultation concludes and your treatment plan is established, the next step is the chiropractic adjustment. Here’s an overview of what to anticipate:

  • Preparation: Your chiropractor will instruct you on the appropriate positioning on the chiropractic table. Depending on the nature of the adjustment, you may be asked to lie face down, face up, or seated.
  • The Procedure: Employing precise and controlled techniques, the chiropractor will exert force on specific joints in the spine or other body parts. This may be manual adjustments where you might notice a popping sound, which is simply the release of gas bubbles between the joints, or these may be more gentle adjustments using an adjusting tool called an activator or drop table.
  • Post-Adjustment Care: Following the adjustment, the chiropractor will offer advice on any immediate aftercare, such as rest or certain movements to avoid.

Continued Care

Chiropractic treatment often requires multiple sessions for optimal outcomes, as it often takes time for your body to get into the misalignment that you arrive to our office with. The team at Hobsonville Chiropractic will discuss a potential schedule for follow-up appointments, ensuring that you continue to reap the benefits of the adjustments. They may also suggest exercises, stretches, or lifestyle modifications to aid your recovery and wellness journey.

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Taking the Next Step

Your path to optimal spinal health and overall well-being is just a call or click away. At Hobsonville Chiropractic, we are dedicated to the transformative power of chiropractic care and are committed to providing you with top-notch treatment.

  • Personalised Care: Each individual is distinct, and so are their health requirements. Choosing Hobsonville Chiropractic means opting for a team that listens, understands, and customises treatments to meet your specific needs.
  • Convenient Location: Our clinic, situated at 295 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland 0618, is easily reachable for residents in and around the Hobsonville area.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We acknowledge the challenges of contemporary life and offer flexible appointment times to suit your busy schedule.
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