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Lynette Orrell Hobsonville Chiropractor Auckland

Lynnette Orrell D.C.

Dr. Lynnette Orrell, DC graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic, South Carolina where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 1987.


Returning to New Zealand in 1987 she set up a practice in Auckland on the North Shore. After the birth of her first son Blake in 1991 she returned to South Carolina and taught at the Chiropractic College in areas of Philosophy, Palpation and in the Student Health Centre.


In 1997 Dr Orrell received the Faculty Member of the year.

Her second son Trent, born in South Carolina 1995, is now a graduate of the New Zealand Chiropractic College and practicing in Te Atatu.

Chiropractic is a real family thing with her niece Dr Tash now currently working alongside her in our Hobsonville practice.


Lynnette returned to New Zealand in 1997 and set up this office in Hobsonville, Auckland where she continues to serve the community in and around the area where she works with entire families.


She enjoys interacting with lots of different people from babies to elderly, athletes, and most of the workforce. The highlight of her job is seeing people change, get well, and live the life they want to.



tash orrell auckland chiropractor

Natasha Orrell D.C.

Dr. Natasha (Tash) Orrell graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2021. Dr Tash comes from a family of Chiropractors and has been under chiropractic care her whole life. She has always seen the benefits of being under long term chiropractic care for her overall health.


Tash is now working with her Aunt Lynnette at the Hobsonville Chiropractic practice.


Tash is passionate about helping people of all ages and professions reach and maintain their health goals. Tash especially likes to see the progress her clients are making while under care. She focuses on whole body health and will tailor care to match the client’s lifestyle and/or injuries.


Tash has been trained in Webster’s Chiropractic Technique which can help flip breech babies to the correct position before birth.

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Emily Pua D.C

Dr Emily Pua graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. Emily was first introduced to chiropractic when she was in primary school and has been under chiropractic care since. Studying to be a Chiropractor has further solidified her love and appreciation for the practice, as well as igniting her passion to educate and provide her community with chiropractic care.


In her spare time Emily enjoys staying active through the gym and yoga, reading, spending time in nature, at the beach, and with her loved ones.


Dr Emily loves helping people from all walks of life to achieve their health goals, whatever they may be. She provides chiropractic care that is tailored to the individual’s needs, lifestyle, and health presentation. Dr Emily loves seeing the changes and benefits that occur in her clients when under chiropractic care. 


Rochelle Hobsonville Chiropractor Auckland profile pic


Our friendly Chiropractic Assistant. Rochelle, is the first face you’ll see when you visit us. Always ready with a smile, she ensures that every patient feels welcomed and taken care of.

West Auckland Acupuncture

Wen Wen is an ACC registered Acupuncturist with more than 10 years of experience. He was trained in China and retrained in New Zealand. 

The key strength of Acupuncture is helping people to get rid of pain caused by tight muscles. Wen Wen’s modern acupuncture technique is based on human anatomy which is strong in releasing the tension of tight muscles. His Acupuncture treatment is a perfect combination of Chiropractic.


Wen Wen currently operates three practices which are in Te Atatu, West Harbour and Hobsonville. He can speak fluent English to understand your needs.


Mobile: 021 833 298. 

Website: West Auckland Acupuncture-Chinese Medicine in Hobsonville, Te Atatu,West Harbour

Hello Aesthetic - Cosmetic Clinic

Sirinya Rikiau

With over ten years experience as a registered nurse in NZ – I started my career off in hospital working in Oncology /Haematology – both adults and children before moving on to work in Respiratory Research and finally, for one of NZ biggest cosmetic franchise brands where I completed Advanced Appearance Medicine training and worked in the Aesthetic Industry performing hundreds of treatments.


I am completely obsessed with the aesthetic industry, dedicated to learning, upskilling and advancing my knowledge. This is a fast moving industry and being opened to learning and adapting is important. I am here to help you show up as a rejuvenated, feel good version of you. 


Services: Antiwrinkle, Dermal Filler, NCTF®, Profhilo®, & Microneedling

Website: www.helloaesthetic.co.nz

Instagram: helloaesthetic.nz