5 Reasons to get Bubs checked after birth

Things to look out for:

  1. Torticollis – Jaw, Eye, Tilt
    • Jaw deviation: often seen when yawning or opening mouth.
    • Eye asymmetry: one eye may be open more than the other.
    • Tilt or turning of neck to one side more than the other. This is called torticollis.
  2. Struggling to latch or poor latch, may feed better on one side.
  3. Constipation or difficulty passing gas.
  4. Extreme crying or generally unsettled: Colic or reflux symptoms.
  5. Head shape: Uneven ridges, asymmetry, bulging, overlapping, or grooves.

The amount of pressure used for a new-born’s adjustment is significantly different to an older child or adult. Often the process of feeling for the dysfunctional segments is helping correct them.

It is always beneficial to have mum and baby checked after birth, as the birthing process is such a big event for both.