ACC and how it works

ACC – How does it work and what do you need to do? 

After you’re injured in an accident you can head straight to our office. Our chiropractors are ACC providers. When you arrive at our office you will fill out a form, during your appointment we will discuss whether you will be covered by ACC, then our team will make a claim for you on your behalf. 


You will only pay for part of the appointment, as ACC will cover a portion. 


ACC will confirm you are covered with a text, and they may also send you a letter. 


Along with financial support if you can’t work or have a permanent injury, ACC can pay for things like transport to get you to appointments or work, childcare and help around the home. See this link to find out more.


If you need time off work, ACC will pay up to 80% of your income while you recover. This is called weekly compensation and it’s not automatic – you’ll need to get set up for it. You can do this on MyACC.


Register for MyACC


If you’re injured while visiting New Zealand, we may be able to help you. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a resident. You’ll still need travel insurance for what we don’t cover.


If you’re a New Zealand resident and you return home with an injury that happened while you were travelling overseas, we can help cover costs. This includes if you’ve been travelling for business, a holiday, or visiting friends or family.

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