Posture and Chiropractic

As chiropractors we are noticing more and more clients coming in with poor posture. This can be from our generation of using phones and watching television, more workplaces involving sitting at a desk full time, from past accidents or injuries, and/or a lack of exercise leading to weak muscles.


What does poor posture feel like? Poor posture can lead to fatigue, tight and achy muscles, joint stiffness, and pain.


As chiropractors we help your body to function at its best, but sometimes to change your posture, a little bit of homework is needed on your end. If you have been thinking about starting some exercises for better posture and therefore better spinal health, check out the link below for straighten up NZ, which is a initiative developed by the new Zealand chiropractors association to encourage better posture in kiwis.


Straighten Up New Zealand (SUNZ) » New Zealand Chiropractors' Association